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Vulnerable Person Registry

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The Glens Falls Police Department has implemented a voluntary registry for persons who are vulnerable. This registry allows the GFPD to have access to valuable information when responding to calls involving residents who have communication, cognitive and physical needs that may affect the way individuals interact with and respond to GFPD Officers. Emergency situations often create high anxiety, excitement and physical demands thus exacerbating these pre-existing conditions. Caregivers and persons with special needs are encouraged to provide information such as: type of disability (brain injury, seizure disorder, intellectual delay, autism, dementia, deafness, etc.), preferred language, communication type, known triggers and brief calming methods, noted behaviors, and special considerations (touch sensitive, light or noise sensitive, fear of dogs, paranoia, tendency to run, etc.). This is valuable information to police officers and families of individuals who, due to a medical condition, may wander from home or be uncooperative, frightened, or belligerent when someone encounters them.

Vulnerable Person Registry


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Name of person filling out this form
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Vulnerable person full name


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Note: Persons that are in the program will still be expected to follow the laws and officers orders, the program is intended to provide the officer with information related to the person to better understand possibly what they are encountering with the person they are interacting with.