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Glens Falls City Police

42 Ridge St.
Glens Falls, NY 12801

City of Glens Falls

Fire Department: (518) 761-3822
Clerk's Office: (518) 761-3800
Public Works: (518) 761-3834
Water & Sewer: (518) 761-3850
Public Transit: (518) 761-1085

Glens Falls National Bank Scheme to Defraud Seniors presentations

Programs & Services

Community presentations on how to spot and prevent financial fraud that targets senior citizens with tips like the do’s and dont’s of debit card sharing and how to be on a first name basis with your bank.


  • Officer Willette participates in the presentations ~2-3 times per year
  • Officer Willette has extensive knowledge of (credit, debit) card skimming systems and a “Fraud File” with photos of all of the different types of devices commonly placed on ATMs and other card reading machines to steal personal financial information.
  • Contact Glens Falls National Bank at GFNational.com/financial-literacy or 518-793-4121