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Glens Falls City Police

42 Ridge St.
Glens Falls, NY 12801

City of Glens Falls

Fire Department: (518) 761-3822
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Water & Sewer: (518) 761-3850
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Glens Falls Police join Neighbors by Ring

Glens Falls Police join Neighbors by Ring


(April 15, 2020)

The City of Glens Falls Police Department is proud to announce that we have joined Neighbors by Ring. Our police department is excited to be joining the Neighbors by Ring app in efforts to reduce crime in our Community. The ‘Neighbors’ app provides users with real-time, local crime and safety information; Neighbors aims to reduce crime in neighborhoods by connecting people, security cameras, and law enforcement.

‘Neighbors’ is a tool that we want to provide citizens to connect with the Glens Falls Police Department and each other.  Neighbors allows the Glens Falls Police Department to share real-time, local safety information with our citizens. More importantly, it allows residents to share information directly with us, and each other, building a stronger, safer Glens Falls community.


How It Works:

  • Download the “Neighbors app” on iOS and Android.
  • Opt-in to join your neighborhood.
  • Customize the geographic area you want to receive notifications for (users must verify where they are located and cannot participate in other neighborhoods).
  • Receive real-time alerts from your neighbors, local law enforcement and the Ring team that inform of crime and safety alerts as they happen.
  • View local crime and safety posts via a live feed or interactive map.
  • Share text updates, photos and videos taken on any device, including Ring’s home security devices.
  • Work with your community to make neighborhoods safer.


The Neighbors by Ring App also allows you, the user, to see something share something directly with the Glens Falls Police Department. The app is open for all to join in, see information and participate. You do not need a Ring device to participate. Also, anyone with any camera system can upload content to the Neighbors App! We are encouraging each and every one of you to spread the word out to the community about the Neighbors App.

You can download the app in the app store or you can text “staysafe” to 555888. Remember if you see something, share something and report it to the Glens Falls Police Department on the Neighborhood app or by calling us at (518)761-3840.