DIAL 911
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Glens Falls City Police

42 Ridge St.
Glens Falls, NY 12801

City of Glens Falls

Fire Department: (518) 761-3822
Clerk's Office: (518) 761-3800
Public Works: (518) 761-3834
Water & Sewer: (518) 761-3850
Public Transit: (518) 761-1085
Glens Falls Police | The Department
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The Department

The Glens Falls Police Department consists of 29 sworn members and 2 civilian employees.

Chief of Police


Detective Lieutenant

Patrol Lieutenant

(3) Detective Sergeants

(4) Patrol Sergeants

(18) Police Officers

(1) Traffic Aide

(1) Secretary to the Chief

The city of Glens Falls is located approximately 50 miles north of Albany, in Warren County New York, and serves a population of 15,000 residents. It covers an area of 3.8 square miles and it’s Police Department has 29 sworn members.


The department is headed by Anthony P. Lydon, who has served as Chief of Police since March of 2016. Chief Lydon has served the city of Glens Falls for 15 years.

Captain Michelle Arnold is second in command of the department and has served the city of Glens Falls for 17 years.

The Detective Division of the department is under the command of Detective Lieutenant Pete Casertino, who has served the city of Glens Falls for 20 years. The detective division consists of 3 detectives that are tasked with conducting criminal and drug investigations into offenses committed within the city of Glens Falls.

The Patrol Division of the department is under the command of Lieutenant Shawn Lovelace, who has served the city of Glens Falls for 12 years. The patrol division consists of 4 sergeants and 18 police officers. The patrol division is tasked with protecting life and property, responding to calls for service, conducting thorough preliminary investigations, enforcing laws and ordinances, crime prevention, and fostering community relations.

Quick Stats, 2015

In 2015 the department handled 13,820 calls for service. Our officers made 1,587 arrests and of those, 190 were drug related offenses. We investigated 587 motor vehicle crashes, issued 2,286 traffic tickets and 2,943 parking tickets.

The police department’s 2016 annual report will be posted to the site around February of 2017.