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ALERT: Scam invoice for sports poster from “Sports Media”

ALERT: Scam invoice for sports poster from “Sports Media”


The Glens Falls Police Department has received a report that a marketer is sending  FALSE invoices to area businesses seeking payments for a ‘Saratoga Springs High School 2018 Fall Sports Poster’.

All businesses should be aware that this is NOT a legitimate advertising or charitable opportunity.

In this instance, the invoice billing is from a marketer calling itself:
Sports Media
1722 Dulaney Valley Rd. #267
Towson, MD 21204
(888) 441-9584

The invoice is in the amount of $189.00 and seeks your credit card or bank account information. The listed contact information on the invoice is unreachable.

It is recommended to ignore this material if you receive it.

An internet search of this company revealed numerous other attempts to scam businesses involving the same ‘sports poster’ type invoice.

Unfortunately false marketing approaches like this one are not infrequent. Please report any of these types of approaches and scams to your local police agency.

The City of Glens Falls Police Department can be reached at (518) 761-3840.